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Clock Systems


If synchronization of multiple clocks is not required, we also offer independent clocks that keep their own internal time.


This system requires a Master Clock to control all the connecting clocks. 



Power over Ethernet (PoE) / Network Time Protocol (NTP) clocks can connect to your local area network (LAN) or a Master Clock connected to your local area network (LAN).


WiFi Clocks can be connected to your local WiFi system to connect to your NTP service or NTP Master Clock.


AFNOR is a wired system that requires a Master Clock to control the secondary clocks.



Whilst being a legacy technology these are a good starter option to ensure that clocks show a synchronised hours minutes display.

2 Wired

As a hybrid system this wiring type mixes signal and power, 24V, on 2 wires. Secondary clocks receive a constant correction data whilst being powered.

Sync Wired

Run on 4pin Clipsal plug cabling at 240V, this 4 wire system you gain minute correction once an hour and hour accuracy twice a day whilst a synchronous drive keeps the clock on time in between.

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