Technologically advanced products for clock systems

Payroll Time Recorders

CS MINI & CS MAXI Software Systems

Advanced Employee time clock with internal calculation, connect to power & network for accurate time reports exportable to CSV.

Z120 Time Recorder

The Simplex Z120 is a time recorder time and attendance system that has a monthly time card with 6 columns or you can use a weekly time card.

TP50 Time Recorder

Print more than just the Time & Date with the single print action 2-line print, 1 of 4 print patterns when you punch, customize comments, number counting.

EP800 Time Recorder

The EP800 calculates worked time between punches & accumulates totals on the card for up to 100 active employees or jobs.

KP-201 Time Recorder

KP201 electronic calculating time recorder was built with the aim of providing you with easy, time saving pay roll operations.

PIX200 Time Recorder

The Pix-200 is an all in one electronic time recorder stamper.


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