Automatic Bell / PA Systems

Harmony’s Microphone


This Microphone can be used to broadcast live or recorded announcements throughout the entire site or within a specific zone. With an easy to use keyboard, the microphone offers a practical and ergonomic design. This microphone is connected via PoE to a Master Clock that will communicate with the speakers.

Indoor ceiling and wall mounted Harmony speakers


Harmony sounders emit programmed or manually controlled bell sounds, public announcements and audio streams which are sent from a computer.

These speakers are connected via PoE to a Master Clock.

Harmonys Control Box


The control box is used for manual activation of bell sounds and emergency procedure alerts.

Outdoor Harmony’s Sounders and Flash


These outdoor sounders have a protection index of IP54 and can operate between the temperatures of -30°C and +85°C. Power supply required is 110-240Vac and the output level is 110db. Cat5 system runs back to Master Clock.

We also offer exterior luminous sounder flashes in tandem with the bell schedule or when alarms are triggered. Power supply 240VAC 50/60Hz with an IP54 protection rating.

This is ideal for public buildings, schools, industry and noisy environments.